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You've Got My Number

It's said that eavesdroppers seldom hear any good about themselves, and this prophecy proves to be true when Blake listens in on a private conversation between his girlfriend, Tess, and her best friend, Holly. I suppose the test of any character is what you do about this unwanted information. Unfortunately, Blake decides to tell an evil lie, and as lies often do, it grows out of control and begins to effect the lives of others.

Tess now has a dilemma. She was ready for her life to move in a different direction, but after hearing Blake's lie, she knows she can't leave him now. With her dreams of changing her job and leaving her boyfriend on hold, life becomes frustrating. Her resentment for Blake doesn't help when she meets her neighbour, Daniel. Her feelings for him grow over time, but she's stuck with Blake... isn't she?

Daniel Cavanagh is an artist living at The Rookery, a beautiful manor house inherited from his parents. Having travelled the world painting and having a close relationship with his twin sister, Denise, his life should be happy and settled. But Daniel has internal demons he's struggling with. He blames himself for two tragedies in his past, and his fear of a third disaster happening leads to him developing an obsessive compulsion, related to the number three.

Denise lives in Hampstead and is happily married with two small boys. She's never had to fight for anything in her life, but when she finds a breast lump, "hard and round, like a pea fresh from the freezer," she must fight for life itself.

Set in the village of Halston in Nottingham and the beautiful coastline of Cornwall, You've Got My Number is full of romance, deceit, betrayal, passion, friendships, OCD, hope, desire and one big lie. Oh, and my own two dogs play their part too!

I hope you enjoy reading my latest novel. Here's what a few reviewers have said about it.

"I loved, loved, loved this book."

"It made me devour it in two days and took my mind off a certain virus that everyone is talking about." 

"Believable, captivating and beautifully written."

"“A truly fantastic read. This book must be read as it was quite literally ‘unputdownable!’” 


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Sep 26, 2021

First time Angela that I've read one of your books Really enjoyed it so much that I didn't put it down till I read it all.I found it really hard reading your book with the left hand while eating my lunch with my right all I can say keep writing Jane x

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