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Sometimes life takes a bizarre twist and shows that love has a way of infiltrating the most impenetrable of barriers.

Hello , I’m Angela.

Welcome to my website. 

If you enjoy reading books full of drama, romance and family dynamics, then you’ll

love Spring Breeze, Arlette’s Story, Magnolia House and You've Got My Number.


On my blog you'll find out a little more about my books and where my inspiration comes from. You'll meet other authors and I'll review some novels. I'll also be talking about different aspects of fiction writing.


If you're a new writer and would like an assessment and report on your manuscript, please click on the Novel Solutions heading.

Thank you for visiting and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or just to say hello!

Ange x


One woman’s struggle

to fight back against the

enemy in order to protect

the ones she loves.

Magnolia House image copy.jpg

When you open your

home and your heart, can

you trust who enters?

Unknown (3).png

Eavesdroppers seldom

hear any good about

themselves and lies have

a habit of growing out of control.

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